Really says something about the predominant culture on Mastodon that I'm seeing people CW posts literally with "BLM" and "Police abolition" as though it is lewd or commonly triggering to acknowledge that black lives matter.

And not CWing posts about living safe and happy in the burbs spending all day playing video games not even having to think about police abolition as though that's not deeply discordant and upsetting to people w national guard on their block

@shel When I joined a few days ago I saw a post almost immediately asking people to CW BLM and activism posting and I was really just thinking "fuck you"

I think I've mostly surrounded myself in people who agree thankfully

@shel ...wait, people are asking for CWs around BLM stuff that /isn't/ heavy Protest Stuff / violence / etc.?

@IceWolf YUP
They shouldn't ask for that other stuff to be CWed either

people can CW it if they want but they should not ask for it

and yes i've seen "please CW for protests"

@shel I would tell you not to let it bother you that other people are living good lives, but then again I’d also tell them to grow a spine and stop hiding from the fact that other people are living in war zones like 10 miles away. Ignorance is excusable. Willful ignorance… less so.

Problem’s the media screaming for attention, trying to co-opt stuff like BLM, to profit from making us feel scared and guilty, and overload us so we ignore real persecution. We should ignore them.

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