I'm white/"white passing" and even I'm terrified to go outside rn cuz cops think all trans people are Antifa Terrorists and all Jews are Antifa Terrorists and it's 1000x worse for all my black neighbors who have to deal with this every day normally and rn it's 1000x even more intense than usual

There was a concert in the park, really chill, and cops showed up to surveil and patrol it because there was too many black people at MALCOM X PARK



A cop low key was trying to follow me home

From the concert

Because I "looked suspicious"

So I had to walk in the opposite direction of my house until I got the wealthier parts of the neighborhood and then he left me alone and I took a circuitous route to get home

Black people have to deal with that every day except they can't even use the trick I used because that would make them "more suspicious" to the cop.

And people are on here CWing for black lives mattering

Someone on Twitter said martial law in Philly gives white people a taste of what black people experience daily

That black neighborhoods are always under police occupation

When protests cool down, that experience doesn't go away like it will for me

That's why we have to keep fighting for police abolition

In the words of a black queer neighbor: Racism is fascism that hasn't caught up to white people yet.

Fighting fascism must center fighting racism

Nobody is free until everyone is free.

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So many furries talk big about being antifa and hating Nazis but when fascism showed its face more than ever they've gone silent they've demanded CWs

It should be against the code of conduct for white people to demand CWs for ~politics~

Fuck off

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being "conditionally white" means I've had the tiniest

Most miniscule

Taste of what my neighbors experience daily

And I'm furious how many white queers on here can just completely ignore that the queer black and indigenous people who got us our freedom have to still deal with that DAILY

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Sorry for centering my white anger maybe that's not useful right now but maybe other white people will actually listen to me and it will get through their thick skulls that black lives matter more than ~their anxiety~

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@shel I do hope that would be true. I agree, but agreed before your statement, and I worry that people who disagree wouldn't even be around to hear it :bowie_sad:

@shel This is absolutely nothing to apologize for and you have, in fact, helped me get over some of my white fragility. I still have a ways to go but it's a start thanks to you.

@owashii which is very frustrating to me that i had to say it like why did you need a white person to say it i shouldn't be getting pats on the back for this

@shel It's not that I had to hear it from a white person, it's that I had to hear it from a friend that I trust. I'm thanking you as a friend who helped me grow, not as a spokesperson for political discourse.

@shel Yes, it absolutely sucks that I couldn't just listen to them in the first place. But I was in a state of mind where I was ignoring them anyways and it took me seeing what my viewpoint was doing to someone I know and trust in order to realize what it was doing to others.

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