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Hey ny'all! I'm Noctis (also known as Pepsi), use they/them, and I'm a 24 yo Himalayan Wolf

I'm also a roboyeen, candy corn cat, dragotter, and a dawn lycanroc primarily! (Ask me about my sonas!)

I'm a huge digimon buff and know a lot about pokemon, final fantasy, btvs, and love mtg, warrior cats, paramore, the ting tings, and lots of other stuff.

Pleasure to meet yall!

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Introduction Post! Under cut for Length 

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You know about the clown at home trapped in cement? 

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@silvally @GlitterDisaster You don't know what you ask, traveller. My strongest clout would kill a dragon let alone a man. You need a seller that sells weaker clout, because my clout is too strong.

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meta, racism 

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This is the only good thing that was ever made in my university

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The reason employers are able to get away with paying people differently for the same job is entirely because they're able to keep pay a secret, and foster a work culture which encourages pay to become a taboo.

Let's break that wall down.

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I think Wirt and Tulip are both interesting to compare with a heroes journey arc.

So here on out, spoilers

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Fursona(s), art thread, Lycanrocsona 

Tummy Saturday (don't question it), my belly, gif 

Horny, hypno 

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Gladio from FFXV definitely punches holes in his wall

"yes, put his file with the other Wolf, Dick files"
"Wait what you say"
"His last name is wolf, his first name is dick, I'm trying to help you"

Do you think Executive Producer Dick Wolf had a hard time signing forms with last name first name format

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