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CATS watching thread 

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Hey ny'all! I'm Noctis (also known as Pepsi), use they/them, and I'm a 24 yo Himalayan Wolf

I'm also a roboyeen, candy corn cat, dragotter, and a dawn lycanroc primarily! (Ask me about my sonas!)

I'm a huge digimon buff and know a lot about pokemon, final fantasy, btvs, and love mtg, warrior cats, paramore, the ting tings, and lots of other stuff.

Pleasure to meet yall!

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Introduction Post! Under cut for Length 

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Shout out to Lego Masters for having a happily married mlm couple on their show

I'm so glad there's a gay married couple in their 50s in lego masters and they're probably my top 3 to win

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If you're horny and alone in the woods and no one hears you being horny, are you truly horny

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It’s the right time
To come alive
Baby if you wanna try
To get out of your head, yes
Break a sweat
Baby tell yourself it ain't over yet

learning a furry artist isn't dead 

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you: buny
me: rabbit
the intellectual: lagomorph
the galaxy brain: bunmorph

art, mh+ 

Music talk, depression 

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Asking For Rent Help, Please Boost 

Music talk, depression 


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So I wanna try promoting a mass fediverse post to spread around especially! If you're an artist in need and struggling with funds, drop your information for commissions, bandcamps, or whatever under here. We need solidarity in these times and it's hard out, so let's raise each other up in their boosting or supporting our artists!

Hypno takk 

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