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Hey ny'all! I'm Noctis (also known as Pepsi), use they/them, and I'm a 24 yo Himalayan Wolf

I'm also a roboyeen, candy corn cat, dragotter, and a dawn lycanroc primarily! (Ask me about my sonas!)

I'm a huge digimon buff and know a lot about pokemon, final fantasy, btvs, and love mtg, warrior cats, paramore, the ting tings, and lots of other stuff.

Pleasure to meet yall!

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Introduction Post! Under cut for Length 

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Snouts and it's neighbors are just a big mansion with lots of rooms of variety and you get lost down the hall because it's so chaotic in asethetic like the cheesecake factory


Turns out i have a weekend alone completely next week 20th to 23rd

Anyone wanna come to sc to keep me company lmafo

milk: smells fine and tastes fine
milk: fuck you i'm expired milk
me: :oh_no:

my sub expired november 18th so the biggest thing is i can't get free time until december 18th

5 days of free xiv

Time to update it

noct booped
noct booped

Boomers: "Millennials are killing the Golf Courses!"


noct booped

video game awards announcement leak 

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