remember not to access ANYTHING of Amazon's the next two days.
This means:
no Twitch
no audible
no comixology
no kindle
no amazon music
no amazon prime tv
no whole foods
none of the amazon stores

If you have Amazon Prime, cancel it, just resub afterwards if you want, don't even go for it if you're offered a free month. Unplug Alexa if you have her for any reason, don't impulse buy anything.

Support the workers, don't be a scab.

@silvally also not that you should be reading them anyway but avoid the washington post, bezos owns it.


> the next two days

I honestly don't see what those 2 days should change...

The only lasting fix to this (and a plethora of other things in this world) is for people to become more conscious and aware of their actions.

Then the things on that list would come naturally 😇

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