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Me, young and foolish: Twink is a type of boy

Me, pretending to be wiser and marginally less young: Twink is a spectrum that starts at Lucario and ends in a pile of bees.

i like how masto has pretty much redefined twink to be a personality and not a body type lmao

call it making peace with my body in a way lol

heavily contemplating giving my sona stripes in places for Reasons



tired: posting nudes/lewds

wired: actually getting my work done and showing THAT to the world instead

inspired: *why not both GIF*

very NSFW upshot, metal cock ring, why do i do this to myself ow 


twitter is just where i post porn and RT things now oops

*stretches out over your keyboard like a cat* :blobcatuwu: it's time to Pet the :synthi:

lovecraft, reading the king in yellow 30 years after release: wow what if i stole literally all of this but, get this, made it racist

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