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periodic reminder, i've got a patreon! :3 see art a month before it gets posted anywhere else, vote on which sketches get turned into pinups, and more~

*saunters in wearing a shirt that says "lift tail for access" on the back and absolutely nothing else*

nsfw furry art (2018) 

i always feel way more able to get stuff done in the morning if i'm the first one awake by far. idk why that is but it's probably ADHD-related lol

should've CWed that with "nsfw furry art (2018) (pawbs......)" honestly

nsfw furry art (2018) 

yeah i guess that means it's time for me to shut up

tfw you're making super fast headway on a pinup because Wow, Vector Inks, and you've got music playing and the whole office smells like roses & strawberries

play with my curls and brush my tail and tell me i'm a pretty girl while you sink your claws into my back :blobcatuwu:

nsfw furry art, clip studio test 

do they make squeaky toy sounds when squozen? only one way to find out 🐾

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