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... *prances while chugging coffee* o.o~~~

i'm GAY as FUCK and here to STOMP my KY00T widdle PAWSIES, uwu

*changes out of baggy hoodie & laundry-day jeans into nothing but a tight lime-green lycra crop-top that says "spunkslut" on it & light blue stripey thigh-highs* c.c murr, or something~

twink energy returning, cutesy batteries approaching full........Uh Oh

*tentatively wiggles tushie?* *tail flops lazily* hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

ko-fi, square, help requested, wordy 

i forgot i had a birdsite account specifically for my portfolio-related shit back in 2010/2011 and it's clear i must've Done The Thing brain-wise (read: OSDD) because it got abandoned REAL fast.

anyway i logged into it. here's hoping twitter doesn't decide to lock me out of it in 10 minutes because i won't cough up a phone number. >:|

cannabis (+) 

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