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literally all i got done before cramps etc fucked up the rest of my day lol.

fluffy triad~

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fuhhh i need to take my meds but i don't wanna moooove

someone come feed me baking chocolate

yes i know how bitter it is

i feel like sleeping for 15 hours but i know i'll be lucky to get 4

also also some 8" platform boots, preferably thigh-high zip-ups πŸ‘€

also i'd love to get a binder at some point πŸ€”


only problem with my gender basically being a huge fucking question mark is cramps simultaneously feeling affirming AND being a source of dysphoria

full of pizza and gayness and mood swings and cramps!!

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@sneakerfox it's weird that you have a nickname for your snout but you do you

feeling moody as fuck suddenly πŸ˜‘ this is like. day 3 with no nicotine so i'm not shocked but

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