Uspol shitpost 

Is it snowing in Rosemont? I hope people are having a good time.

Macro mention 

Ph ~ 

Predicting someone will have a joker fursuit at mff

Ph (-), physical affection 

If anyone wants to know my switch friend code it's SW-5042-9426-5039

Trade pokies with bat

Ph (-), con mention 


So I was almost named Phineas by my parents

And since I was not named that I avoided thousands of jokes about it in middle school, thankfully

But subconsciously, it must have been a sign that I would have a bat fursona, cause pointy nose 🍁


Psychedelic photograph 

Pop punk voice is just Annoying Orange voice


Chiaro booped

heading to the found footage fest tonight w/ @softboibat!!!

Oofie by Wiki is so good, quietly crept to my top 5 for the year over the past week

Hhhhhh I really wanna be a concert photographer/video-er


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