Massive Attack is sooooo fckin good live. Unironically thank mr banky. And everyone else who put together that amazing show

Slight (-) 

Dynamax Camera 

Ph (~) 

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It 2 was tonally like a 3 hour episode of Goosebumps, but with more blood

You should see me in a clown
I'm gonna run this circus town

The more you know: SCP stands for Snsane Clown Posse

General abuse/violence 

"The start of nothing, UwU, I could hate you now" ~Frank Ocean

Peggy Hill is short for JPEGMAFIA Hill

me: :blobfrown:

me: *listens to rihanna's "umbrella"*

me: :blobhappy:

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lewd joke that would've been funnier if that movie was still in theaters 

Dido's "White Flag" is the Grocery store national anthem

Which is more elusive? 🤔
MF Doom or MFF Room?

Uspol, gory description 

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