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shugo brushing their long, flowing hair in the wind


because you're merp it

i was gonna say "i can explain" but i really cannot explain


hack: u can change any song lyric from β€œblue eyes” to β€œblue thighs”

and bam, ur singin about a lucario

Macro, very large very round dragon Show more

y'all ever just look at your Sona and go
"that's me"
and get really happy about it

if any friends want my telegram it's the same as my @! come say hi let's throw stickers at eachother or somethin

all fursona names fall under one of the following:
- marshmallow
- nightfire darkmoon
- David

oops up super late playing more armello

goODNIGHT Β­πŸ’šΒ­πŸ’š

A couple things I saw and thought "Mastodon will love this":

- Alias, a 3D-printed "parasite" that sits on top of your Amazon Echo or Google Home, feeding white noise into its mic until you say the wake word:

- The adminbook, a wonderfully ugly design for the ideal sysadmin notebook:


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