Let's see if I can get back on the posting wagon here! >.V.>

nonspecific dumb horny talk 

I think my client went and done an oopsie whoopsie fuckie wuckie.

Hey guys did you know that pulling five 12-hour night shifts in a row is surprisingly exhausting?

I'm gonna be productive!!

*4 hours later, still havent done anything* what happened

legitimately excited for whatever Source Filmmaker bullshit results from the Fortnite generation having easy access to Evangelion via Netflix

I’ve mentioned the new lemur character before, but now he’s very much official, as a Lingrimm picture of him finally exists.

Meet Harlan, a weirdo radioman and sparky living on a post-apocalyptic tropical island.

Original image link be here: furaffinity.net/view/29983056/

I’ve been neglecting my toots!

But you’re all still lovely people. <3

Sliding into your DMs to send you pictures of koosh balls and calling them “floppy porcupines”.

So @Ween has gone home for Christmas and right now I am 100% in Kevin McCallister mode but shhhh don't tell him.

It’s a good day at work when despite causing hours of downtime you can sit back and think “I’ve just earned my annual salary because of this.”

not to get all horny on main but... (plus a pun) 

One day I just want to insult someone by calling them “a fucking piece of toast” just to see how it goes down.

I have a new shift schedule starting tonight and so it really, really doesn't feel like Sunday.

Gotta get up to make taquitos but, and hear me out, what if I just sat here instead?

It's twenty days until Christmas but what the heck, I CANNOT WAIT.

@Ween will be with his family this holiday season but that doesn't mean we can't still be festive gay dads to our tiny human son, @Kavaeric

Art by Vesperverses on Twitter/Vespervescent on FA. So, so good.

Sergal in clothes. 

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