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3D modelling commission openings! 

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Regarding follow requests & this account's 18+ status 

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Shilling my CuriousCat 

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Hello! :lbluedragnowo: I go by Starseeker here, but you can call me Star or Apollo. I'm 18, use he/they pronouns, and am a Willamette Valley-area furry with a passion for space, engineering, 3d modelling, building & grand-strategy games, and :gay_communism: communism :gay_communism: (which I *will* sometimes yell about). Attached is a reference sheet for Apollo Starr, my fursona (🎨 @ArtByZhivago on Twitter).

More commission openings? Gauging interest 

More commission openings? Gauging interest 

More commission openings? Gauging interest 

Night y'all! I really need to head to bed πŸ˜…

@LexYeen It was a tactic used by feds to break up leftist groups in the 1950s. They would infiltrate leftist groups and accuse others of being cops.

The idea is that leftists have a tendency to divide on strict ideological lines, rejecting people for "wearing the wrong jacket". In this case a channer was going around accusing people of being trolls.

I think about this graph that shows that Cuba is the only country in the world with a high development index that's developed sustainably... all the time


A lil doodle of Snoot havin' a lil Sipp.
Of what? We just don't know

Mana Comics is an indie comics publisher that focuses on stories about Hawaiian superheroes.

"From an early age, Christopher Caravalho dreamed of heroes he could identify with and always thought the idea of superheroes from the Hawaiian Islands would be NO KA OI (the best!)"

I saw some great suggestions over on twitter wrt Indigenous art and media, so I'll link them here!

First is the MOONSHOT comic anthology!

"MOONSHOT brings together dozens of creators from across North America to contribute comic book stories showcasing the rich heritage and identity of indigenous storytelling."

My coworkers often word things very politely in English which leads to things like when my coworker said "The communists have some rather good ideas" and I love that wording

musing on my sona's gender re: my own 

NSFW Furry - Cloaca / Oviposition / Abdominal bulge 

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