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Hello! :lbluedragnowo: I go by Starseeker here, but you can call me Star! I'm 19, use they/them (she/her with close-sh friends) pronouns, and am a Willamette Valley-area furry with a passion for space, engineering, 3d modelling, building & grand-strategy games, and :gay_communism: communism :gay_communism: (which I *will* sometimes yell about). Attached is the most recent reference sheet for my fursona (🎨 @ArtByZhivago on Twitter); however, it's out of date in a few ways.

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3D modelling commission openings! 

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Regarding follow requests & this account's 18+ status 

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Shilling my CuriousCat 

political symbols 

sans undertale

can only deal 1 damage. only has 1 HP.
there are a few important caveats intentionally left out of this description

stop assuming that people have to come out to be recognized

if you're not sure of someone's pronouns use they/them

it's honestly better to ask what someone's pronouns are bc then you'll *actually* be sure what their *actual* pronouns are

We're not so different, you and I ◓✨

Local Villainess Hybrid Pokémon gives you The Speech(tm)

A Pokédoodle commission for Teebs131 on twitter!

Minecraft build screenshots (no descriptions) 

[ NSFW, PKMN, Furry Art ] 

Horny, furry-specific 

Horny, furry-specific 

NSFW art, M/M hotdogging 

so, honestly this is working better than a normal roundabout, and it's mostly because 1. the actual parts where the traffic joins and leaves the roundabout are spread out and 2. all of the on and off ramps are at angles so people can maintain their speed

"Gurella" gardening (tree-planting), video link 

"Gurella" gardening (tree-planting), video link 

CW request 

ukpol cw reminder 

re: racist excuses 

My wife was doing a speech screening for a student and getting basic info. When it came to gender, she's started asking kids how they identify. This particular kid got thrown off and kinda sputtered, saying "female, no male... No I don't know."

She told the kiddo it's ok to put down gender non-binary and that's perfectly fine. The student relaxed immediately, smiled and then they kept going with the screening.

It's just a little thing, and it really makes a huge difference to people if you just give them room.

Just a quick reminder for the newcomers out there of a very important Mastodon companion app:

Move These Gays! Fund (Update 2) 

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