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Hi there! My name's Sutter. A proper might be in order.

- American !

- Thirtysomething guy living and working in .

- I draw! My is mostly naked animal people, often erotic, occasionally downright smutty. Maybe someday I'll make a few bucks off of it.

- Gallery (NSFW):

- Been in the fandom since the early 2000's.

- Tabletop card & board nerd!

- Lover of craft of all kinds.

Pleased to meet you!

Yells at the clock on the office wall. "Go faster!"

Well it turns out I certainly jinxed it by posting that


Looks like today will be a quiet day, hopefully.

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Kickstarter plug: Pronoun enamel pins! Show more

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if you experience a collapse in local euclidian geometry, dial 1-800-MC-ESCHR

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Sorry for linking a business' website but.

Y'all this commercial for a new bullshit mattress tech feels like the start of a Black Mirror episode.

Kickstarter plug: Pronoun enamel pins! Show more

Just look at these adorable proud foxies that TabbieWolf made. They are PRECIOUS!

TabbieWolf has a new Kickstarter that needs some love - Will plug it in a reply to this post.

Goodness, I have got to go for a walk and enjoy all fifty of those Fahrenheit degrees that are outside at this very moment

It's the first day of spring, and you all know what that means

"To announce one's intentions is, ultimately, to broadcast one's failures."
-Avery Trufelman, 99% Invisible

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cannabis, food Show more

cannabis, food Show more

Feeling extremely frustrated & on edge today but not at anything specific. Just a heightened sense of an agitating background noise that's sapping away my patience. You ever have days like that?

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