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Hi! I'm Sutter, a badger.

- Lives near Boston

- Born in the late '80s

- Sometimes draws weird animal people, gallery is at

- Cis bi guy, he/him pronouns

- Fan of tabletop board, card, and role-playing games

- Collector of assorted kitsch, both online and off

- Been in the furry scene since 2003 or so!

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more like Fur Off-Finity, am i right

Then again, very few works of media from the 2000s left any trace at all

The 2000s Battlestar Galactica was such a big show at the time and it baffles me how it left absolutely no lasting imprint on pop culture whatsoever

A bunch of old college & grad school math textbooks are cluttering my closet and maybe it's time to Marie Kondo them right the fuck out of my life

Arrived downtown way too early for an appointment, so I'm just enjoying this gorgeous morning at the frog pond on the common. It's nice to get some downtime.

Good morning! I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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I left a bunch of plums in the refrigerator and my partner wants nothing to do with them.

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"This movie is like if John Waters directed an episode of the show."
- @Lunostophiles

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Tonight, @sutter and I are watching movies while doing other stuff.

We have started with The Brady Bunch Movie which I remembered being ridiculous, but holy shit this movie's the best.

It's Movie Night at the Beast & Badger CafΓ©!

Tonight: "The Brady Bunch" (1995) starring Shelley Long, Michael McKean, and-- wait, RuPaul's in this?

This movie is a big goshdarn mood is what it is

And now here is the hit song "Irony" by Alanis Moranis

Work in progress today. I suppose this is an artsy thing!

Sutter's Art Stream is up and running!

Tune in on Picarto:

Going to start streaming art shortly! Probably about a half-hour or so from now.

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