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Hi there! My name's Sutter. A proper might be in order.

- American !

- Thirtysomething guy living and working in .

- I draw! My is mostly naked animal people, often erotic, occasionally downright smutty. Maybe someday I'll make a few bucks off of it.

- Gallery (NSFW):

- Been in the fandom since the early 2000's.

- Tabletop card & board nerd!

- Lover of craft of all kinds.

Pleased to meet you!

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Imagine an exasperated badger driving their Reliant Robin down the road, struggling in vain to keep from tipping over on their way to the grocery store

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"This curtain is ONLY compatible with a decorative curtain rod. We are NOT liable for any injury or property damage caused by using a humdrum, vanilla, or pedestrian curtain rod"

I guess I'll just have to go back to the old way of communicating with other people, and by that I mean screaming eternally into the void

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smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd, and I'm hungry like two wolves

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one two
canines are inside you
that's what I said now
two wolves
two wolves fighting for you
just go ahead now

There are two fennec foxes inside you

One of them is just screaming as loud as possible, much louder than you'd expect from an animal that small

The other one ran around in circles for a minute and then scampered off somewhere, who knows where

Just like that, Darude's grand adventure came to an abrupt end,

I'll take "Recommended Links I'll Never Click" for $200, Alex

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Applied the official box-art subtitles to Myst 1 through 3 in Lutris

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I hid under the blankets and wished as hard as I could but Monday still came anyway.

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Sings a little badgery song and dances a little badgery dance.

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