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Hi! I'm Sutter, a badger.

- Lives near Boston

- Born in the late '80s

- Sometimes draws weird animal people, gallery is at

- Cis bi guy, he/him pronouns

- Fan of tabletop board, card, and role-playing games

- Collector of assorted kitsch, both online and off

- Been in the furry scene since 2003 or so!

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It is impossible for any actor to maintain gravitas while delivering a serious dramatic monologue containing the word "hyperspace"

Farewell, summer. Time for the long nights to begin.

I closed my Steam & GOG accounts, but I think I'll keep my account & start using that service in earnest. It seems a lot less toxic than the mainstream sites, and I can even get back into dev as a hobby & publish there if I want to.

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Over the Garden Wall: watched.

Let autumn begin!

I'm positively giddy. I've been looking for a new Favorite Bad Movie for years, ever since a few of the actors in my old FBM were cancelled. Now I might have found it

Oh my deity no it's from 2002 and it was a theatrical release and it looks and feels like an unusually high-budget episode of Sliders

I am a thousand percent more into it now than I was at the beginning, let's get the popcorn

Am I watching a forgotten made-for-TV remake of Rollerball from like 1998

They've even got a rave DJ in the middle of the arena, I didn't know that kind of music was even around in the seventies

Tonight I'm watching Rollerball (1975) and it is uncanny how much it looks and feels like a late-90s drama series on Fox

Either this movie was decades ahead of its time or The X Files was way, way behind

Does Dunks just keep tabs on everyone in New England nowadays or

I've had a notification on my phone all week that says "Dunkin' Donuts is using your location" and it won't go away no matter what I do and I'm a little concerned?

Contents: One (1) anthropomorphic American Badger, crushed to a fine pulp between the unceasing gears of the capitalist hell machine

I've been watching this show since I was a kid so the phrase "Goa'uld System Lord Anubis" barely registers as strange, but I imagine it sure must be jarring to hear that for the first time

nap mode is activating itself but I have hours more work to do today, how do I make it stop

How It's Made but it's narrated by Angus MacDonald, World's Greatest Boy Detective

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