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Hi! I'm Sutter, a badger.

- Lives near Boston

- Born in the late '80s

- Sometimes draws weird animal people, gallery is at

- Cis bi guy, he/him pronouns

- Fan of tabletop board, card, and role-playing games

- Collector of assorted kitsch, both online and off

- Been in the furry scene since 2003 or so!

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spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

How are all y'all besnouted whippersnappers doing tonight?

I simply cannot resist the shameless boxy ~chonkiness~ of a good ol'-fashioned ThinkPad, though

Today's BadgerThought™ was brought to you by the scratch-and-dent gaming laptop that I can't use in public without looking like I mugged a Fortnite streamer.

I wonder if I even need a dedicated GPU. Krita uses CPU/RAM only, from what I understand. And my dinky little video edits can live without a GPU.

Integrated graphics might pose an issue if I take up Blender or more serious video content creation.

This laptop meets every one of my needs, but the arrangement of the arrow keys is among the worst I've ever seen and might actually be a dealbreaker

My current L337-Gamerz-Only™ laptop seems to be going for a good price used on eBay so maybe I could recoup some of the cost.

Lenovo is having a sale this weekend and I am tempted to order a new laptop to replace the Embarrassingly Xtreme-Kool-Gamerz Aesthetic laptop that I only bought because it was refurbished and cheap and in stock at Micro Center.

I'd like something that's a little more my style, is all.

A point-and-click adventure game where the backgrounds are all photos from cursed real estate listings

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"I'll sketch some characters on top of a random jpegfantasy photo tonight," I said to myself, unaware that this one was destined to come up

One of these nights I'm just going to follow along with a Bob Ross video.

What if the only things you could buy at Stop & Shop were things related to shops or things related to stopping


Currently mind-mapping some new OC's

I've decided I want a nonbinary couple who are a synth-pop duo whose music sounds like "what if Portishead wrote a DDR song"

cannabis, all caps 

On second thought I'm going to call it a night... Gotta' get to bed. Will definitely stream again soon if I can find the time!

Also wow, drawing in Krita on Linux Mint is actually going surprisingly well. The application has really matured in the years since I last tried it. Color me impressed!

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