Wheel & Jeopardy got preempted by sports so I'm wandering through the wasteland of high-number digital broadcast channels in search of an oasis

Ooh this is one of the ones where they go up against the evil SG team at Area 51 which looks like a hastily-redressed high school TV show set


This is one of the episodes from right around when the writers juuust began leaning in to how inherently campy the show was, and I am one hundred percent here for this

Wait what this is "A Voice in the Wilderness" and both parts are on, according to the guide

Jackpot indeed, holy mackerel

Centuries in the future, we will watch space news broadcasts on our space 4:3 aspect CRT televisions embedded in our space walls

Nothing but respect for Talia Winters, Psychic Space Bisexual

alcohol, babylon 5 

I'm delighted to see the fledgling little sci-fi broadcast channel I found last night is (1) real and not a figment of my imagination, and also (2) currently airing Tank Girl

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