Stargate, the only TV sci-fi franchise whose primary means of interstellar travel can be described as "moist"

"We have a very serious matter to attend to on some planet. Let's go." *SCHLORP!*


Sutter's Guide to the Gateverse:

Stargate SG-1: Earnest 1990s action show that was at its best when it leaned into its campiness

Stargate Atlantis: Slightly more farcical early-2000s adventure show that embraced camp from the start

Stargate Universe: Grimdark late-2000s drama that I definitely watched but remember absolutely nothing about

The SG-1 marathon I'm watching just jumped from early season 4 to late season 5, and holy mackerel you can already tell they're pulling more and more influence from Farscape's aesthetics & storytelling

Later on it gets to the point where SG-1 just scoops up the two lead actors after Farscape ends

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