Every article about a "self-made entrepreneur" includes something like this.

Every. Single. One.

cc: @OCRbot

If my aunt is allowed to be a racist shitbag at the Thanksgiving dinner table with impunity, then I'm allowed to send these replies in a family email thread about the equifax breach

Hello please enjoy this buck-wild and extremely real product marketing tie-in from 1994.

You come across a forgotten book in a musty library. This is its cover.

What is it called?
What's it about?

Need to constrain those trees to fit a particular pattern? Can do!

Ooh goodness, I am particularly proud of what I've built today.

I played around some more with Processing and this popped out. I think it looks like the cover of a book I might write someday.

What could the story be about?

What might it be called?

Oh! I also made this one the other day. I don't remember what I was planning to do with it.

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