This laptop meets every one of my needs, but the arrangement of the arrow keys is among the worst I've ever seen and might actually be a dealbreaker

Getting a pretty good start tonight, just drawing whatever comes to mind as the music plays

Ideally I'd like to limit it to one entry per country but a certain former soviet state is making that very difficult.

My alma mater is constructing a new building to hold all of the high-tech data science research! I'm sure it'll be a gorgeous, tasteful structure that seamlessly fits right into the Boston skyl--

This selection of Boss Day articles, in this order, makes for a fascinating story arc

(cc: @OCRbot)

Lonk from Pennsylvania about to torch that perfectly innocent tree

This is an as-yet-unknown celebrity's fursona and I demand to know who it is immediately

Why does the fabric on this conference room chair look like a bunch of tiny little lips. Why was that the design choice.

Imagine a federal agency staffed entirely by fennec foxes

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The holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year

So instead of making a joke very few people will get, I have a request:

If you know who this person is and why this photo is relevant to a news cycle full of very uncomfortable questions about Ukraine, please @ me because I might want to be your friend

I have to admit I adore the "Radisson business lounge" aesthetic of the villains' secret lair

It's the first really crisp & cool day of the season. Full moon tonight, and it happens to be Friday the 13th.

A perfect fall friday, if you ask me~

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