@FelixArden There's one really gross minute that I was warned about ahead of time, but otherwise it was more unsettling than gruesome.

Now playing at the Beast & Badger Cinema: Annihilation (2018)!

Just a nice peaceful relaxing and totally normal nature hike, nothing to see here

Hello everyone please enjoy this extremely chill synthpop record that @Lunostophiles and I randomly stumbled across tonight, and enjoy the rest of your evening

"Night Pass" by Pure Bathing Culture


"No, that's preposterous and inelegant," I remark to myself upon arriving at the idea of archiving everything up 'til now into a zip file and only retrieving stuff as I need it

The urge to keep so many files that I will never ever need is impossible to resist

And now for the sisyphean task of: Organizing all my art that I've had saved for the last decade

Update: There were indeed a few sales pitches but there was also some good introductory information about career paths in data science & analytics, so I'll call it a worthwhile seminar

Joke's on them, I couldn't afford a coding boot camp even if I wanted to join

On tonight's episode of Sutter's Career Change Adventures, I'm attending a seminar on how to get started in data science

It's a free event hosted by an expensive coding boot camp so I'm guessing it is actually just a sales presentation to recruit new customers

Hopefully there is some real content in between pitches for their courses though

games, No Man's Sky 

games, No Man's Sky 

Now Playing on that Weird Sci-fi Broadcast Channel: Some schlocky 80s creature feature that I wasn't really paying attention to until Christopher Lee suddenly showed up?!

Yells a little badgery yell into the void.

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