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Maybe I'll draw a Sutter in RML style :3

Been a while since I've drawn anything. But I'm feeling inspired to draw some Rocko fan art tonight

Sometimes, all I need is k.d. lang's cover of "The Air That I Breathe," and to love you

No emails came in overnight

What a glorious morning

And now to figure out how to stick enamel pins onto my new backpack that appears to have a waterproof(?) lining on each compartment

mh (+) 

This little Tex-Mex place I stopped into on my way home is playing the Space Jam theme on the muzak

I'll take that as an encouraging sign

Programming night was a success! Looking forward to the next one.

And now, I flop

I even rehearsed my elevator pitch: I've been tinkering with all kinds of programming languages since I was a kid, and decided a couple weeks ago to start taking it seriously as a career path. I'm here to bang out a simple project or two and start a portfolio. Better late than never!

Heading to my first programming project meetup night! I have no idea what to expect, other than a Room Fulla' Nerds.

From what I've read it's newbie-friendly, which at least reassures me that I won't get laughed out of the place.

Y'know what I haven't watched in a while? Mystery Science Theater 3000.

I want to put all of my enamel pins on my new backpack, but I don't have a lot of pins and I'm afraid they'll get lost or damaged from wear.

Sutter :bisexual_flag: booped

I think I'll try to write a Python module today.

Sorry media analysts, but I only hashtags ironically

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