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On the up side, I did have a very nice dream about getting to hold and pet a badger so that's cool I guess

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There's no fragrance in the world quite like the smell of a library.

welcome to Brocktober, the month of badgers

The holiday season starts earlier and earlier every year

So instead of making a joke very few people will get, I have a request:

If you know who this person is and why this photo is relevant to a news cycle full of very uncomfortable questions about Ukraine, please @ me because I might want to be your friend

There's an extremely specific deep-cut joke I want to make about all the news that's happening. But the one person I know would get it isn't on the fediverse.


Tonight, @Lunostophiles and I stumbled across a video titled "33 Travel Hacks That Will Divide Your Life Into Before and After" and I, for one, hope this video delivers the unimaginable transformative epiphanies it so promises

Gonna' get a set of clubs
Gonna' find the kind with tiny nubs
So the da-do na-na something always flyin' off the backswing

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I wonder if the rabbits in my backyard will stick around during the winter.

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How many times have I awakened in midair while falling out of bed?

I dunno, I wasn't counting, but the number just increased by one

The Masked Singer is back on and I couldn't be happier to dive back into this beautiful trash fire of a show.

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