cooking has totally been my thing lately i want friends to cook for/with

matcha green tea is not only dragon juice, it is also Gay Juice

friends.... listen to car seat headrest......

lately i’ve been listening to a 16-minute-long song repeatedly to see if it’ll ever not make me cry. turns out, it makes me cry a ton Every Time Without Fail

complaining about being a furry Show more

complaining about being a furry Show more

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a binch is sad!! Show more

a binch is sad!! Show more

1. uhhh really just go by “sweater” online so i guess that counts!

2. last i checked, i was 5’6, but apparently i just look way taller in pictures and from a distance for some reason?? but i’m a pretty small dragon

i’m bored and don’t use mastodon enough!!

Im A Space Alien Dragon That Needs Hugs

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@sweaterfluff little detail i geek out over..... this srsly has the coolest use of white noise ive ever heard and i love the distortion of it

hey maggie rogers is amazing and i’ve been listening to her nonstop lately i highly recommend this song and her EP

i feel bad for posting a joke about asexuality on twitter because i forgot to come out on there... and i’m still confused about specific title (gray ace/demisexual, or just ace) so i feel b ad

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