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i took the day off work and drove around to every single GameStop, handing one employee a list of the games i wanted while another processed the trade-ins

i preordered a game at every single store to help the metrics of the employees who helped me (and to end the occasional “why are you buying the same games you’re trading in” questions)

by the end of the day i had around $1900 in GameStop credit and the next day i was permanently banned from ever trading in a game at GameStop again

did i ever tell y’all about the time i found out that like

several dozen random Nintendo games traded in at GameStop for substantially more than they sold for used?

barking point, episode 78 

Shadowrun time 👀
starting tonight's game off with the phrase "military grade fursona"

the wall mounting of my network hardware + occasional stupid IoT gadget continues

(and yes, i know my cable organization sucks)

horny shitpost 

Episode 76 barking point 

i spent 30 bucks to get these stickers printed so that i could leave them on tables at an infosec onference


the hellsite, unholy vexillology 

MFF, hate group mention 

MFF and associated Things 

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