You know what's incredibly useful to authoritarians? People they can label as indefensible, inhuman, unworthy of the rights we afford to all people. Don't accept the unjust, but don't fall for that shit either.

Humans are subject to causality; we only feign our free will through ignorance of the forces that guide us. Someday, maybe, computers will know; but we won't, because we're designing software we don't even understand. I can't even begin to imagine what the future will look like. It's haunting sometimes.

You ever follow someone and been like, 'damn you're awesome but you post so much it's literally crowding out everyone else I follow'? I almost wish there was a feature to like, condense of a ton of consecutive posts by one person into a little anthology or something.

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Some more stickers done for @teez !! If you're interested in commissioning telegram stickers from me, my commission info is here ==>

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Sticker time 👀 If you'd be interested in Telegram stickers (or any other commissions from me), my prices and contact info are here ==>

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Moving right along with this Telegram sticker pack for @teez !! You can check out my commission info and contact info on Furaffinity!

I want to be wintery... Anyone LOVE drawing cats (necessary, must appreciate cats to the utmost potential) and taking holiday commissions?

Vague Political Ideology 

So, I just want to take a moment to say that everyone should play Timespinner. It's an awesome metroidvania and it has diverse representation of characters.

Casual Affection 

As much as I want to love this platform, I'm just not sure I can do it. I still see way too much stuff that brings my mood down heavily, even with the content warnings and general lack of terrible people. I think I'm just not cut out for social media in general.

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eating a bean to summon the courage to bean again once bean

Did a night bike ride in Cleveland tonight. The weather was perfect, cool and a light mist of rain!

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