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Y'all I got this a little while ago (resposting now) :blobheartcat: by @extinct They do all kinds of commissions. You should check them out!

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this aisle is a disaster and even with the floor covered in pillows the shelves are still overflowing regardless.

any defederated network that jack dorsey sets up is no threat to this place, because those already here know that whatever dorsey sets up isn't going to be as good as what we've got, it's not like we're going to change sides. the kind of people that choose dorsey wouldn't be welcome here anyway, let's just forget about it and keep doing this thing we love, because it's ours.

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🎢When the eel bites your heel
and makes you want to squeal
that's a moray 🎢

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@garfiald there used to be a furniture store by me that had a giant bin of free onions by the front door because "our prices are so low they'll make you cry" and one time I went there rather than going to the grocery store because all I needed was one onion

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StopπŸ‘doingπŸ‘postsπŸ‘likeπŸ‘thisπŸ‘pleaseπŸ‘MY LIGHTS ARE TURNING ON AND OFF

Morning muscle destructionπŸ˜€πŸ’¨πŸ’ͺ :blob_dizzy_face: :cupofcoffee: 

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