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comissioned art <3 

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PSA: limited Kirby theme in Tetris 99 for a couple days, it's super cute and easy to unlock!🌟

Mastocon would be a few hundred people in a room, all on their phones, softly chuckling at each other’s toots

MastoCon will be the seat of the revolution after everyone gets all of their repressed horny energy out of the way

At mastocon I’ll have a dΓ­a de los muertes altar for :knzk:

anyone ever just look at how fucking cool NFO art is.

image cw for genitals

MastoCon will have self signed badges, no need to experience linecon

Come to my panel at mastocon, β€œCAW”

All I know is that I would bake a shitload of cookies for Mastocon

(+) Admin appreciation, Twitter screenshot with source 

This bathroom is a portal that makes you a girl

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