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If I make an error and misgender or misname someone, or other incorrect data, please do not hesitate to let me know.

I do try to remember but I have a memory that holds data about names/dates/etc about as well as shopping bag with a hole in the bottom of it.

A magic-wielding female dinosaur would be a sorceressaurus.

ok so i feel like this will be somebody's brand on here

here's some fancy expensive BJD eyes but the stem is a cat paw

picture below, cw'd because i guess it's body horror? body Weird perhaps?? man i don't even know you guys

I keep coming back to “Lucky Star is Seinfeld for Weebs” cuz yeah it is

skunk. taur. fuck you up. skunk taur fuck you up

Rearranged my room a little!

Really i should have done this ages ago, moved my desk over to the wall more so stuff can't fall off the side anymore... and moved a box that was between the desk and the wall...

- Laptop no longer can fall off! Yaay!
- Feels different. Yaay

- No longer centered under window ;-;
it's a little bit more cramped for my work area.

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