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If I make an error and misgender or misname someone, or other incorrect data, please do not hesitate to let me know.

I do try to remember but I have a memory that holds data about names/dates/etc about as well as shopping bag with a hole in the bottom of it.

kink related 

kink related 

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GEORGE, shrugging: "It's not like he was gonna need it."

GEORGE: So there I was, vorin' the guy
JERRY: As you do.
GEORGE: And he was about halfway down when I thought of something.
JERRY: Here we go.
GEORGE: So I pull the guy out, and he's all drippin', and I ask if, you know, I can have his stuff after.
ELAINE: You asked if you could have his stuff?
JERRY: How'd you ask?
GEORGE: Just like that. "Can I have your stuff after?"
JERRY: So what'd he say?
GEORGE: He just kinda looked at me until I swallowed him again. Took his TV on the way out.

"look I just picked this lock apart hooray and that's how you handle situations where you genuinely misplace the sub's key, you fucking dumbass keyholder."

catgirl: doc, i can't fall asleep most nights, my brain won't shut off even though it's dark and i'm tired
catgirl: i think i have insomnyaa〜

vet: adorable

catgirl: hey asshole this is actually a major quality of life issue for me

vet: say it again!

catgirl: ugggghhhh
catgirl: fine
catgirl: insomnyaa〜

vet: 😍
vet: ok let's start with a trial pack of Nyaambien to see how you tolerate it

catgirl: i hate that you're the only vet around here that takes my job's nyaansurance

🎶 Why's it gotta be complicated~
all i wanted to do was clean the fan~~

seeing the people running snouts react compassionately in real-time to user distress is only serving to reinforce my trust further.

y'all good. this place is good. I'm glad I'm here.

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