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If I make an error and misgender or misname someone, or other incorrect data, please do not hesitate to let me know.

I do try to remember but I have a memory that holds data about names/dates/etc about as well as shopping bag with a hole in the bottom of it.

battling online doesn't actually hurt your pokemon, you don't have to heal them afterwards

pokemon centers are single player health care

tests are showing horny levels at 69%

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

@tinytoydragon Movies I would totally watch but would never exist...

Who would win?


REALITY IS WHAT I WANT IT TO BE [maniacal laughter]


Why. Whyyyy do you do this.

What on earth did your UI devs do to make you try to load MULTIPLE TRACKS AT ONCE when i click on one track's preview button??

pokemon swsh related; 

What do you call it when one licks tears? 

a bottom’s webpage is a sub domain

I am surprised I've made it thruthe day with only two hours of sleep.

@Kavaeric The print of yours is framed! Gonna get a pic of it tomorrow for ya :D

Aristophanes once wrote a play with a chorus of pan-wielding actors called ‘The Frying-Pan Men’. Sadly, the full script is lost to history.

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