hi i'm in new york with no bear and its snowing and i don't have a coat please remember me as a modern retelling of goldilocks

hi snouts i just got lost in new york looking for bears

goin to new york going to new york GOING TO NEW YORK are there bears in new york? Lets find out

Anyway if you'd like me to CW tag anything just let me know!! Generally I'll CW tag violent or sexual stuff and probably uspol stuff but I may not tag food for now until someone asks for it!

Should I CW food? I did cause I saw it being done but I didn't really think about it. Also CW are complicated because theoretically you can never know what would be upsetting for someone so you tag common issues...

A bear fell asleep on me so all I can do now is shitpost

furries gotta tell me to go to cons I don't know about when they're happening ;;

I got my gigantic polar bear bf a newsboy cap for no reason at all totally random

Toby Fox really missed an opportunity to make a game completely unrelated to Undertale called Sans-Undertale

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I'm a poor and I think I've never owned anything as fancy as this one noctua PC fan

I was once told i should wear flat colors and not patterns

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