sorry if I toot too much I'm still getting used to the dead elephant site

god the thing i miss most about the nazi bird site is the 3000+ followers which meant even if i tweeted like "bed butt" or something nonsensical I'd get like 3 favs on it so it never felt like Speaking Into The Void

i kinda wish i had a private place where i could practice drawing

it's 2018 and little kids online talk about spooky body horror and cryptids and I just think like, man, we used to stay up at night worried about how the digestive tract of Catdog would work

I guess that's why i feel so compelled to play matchmaker for others huh

sometimes i feel guilty about having like a really healthy and stable romantic life

Im goin to FC so come say hi if you wanna meet me or if you want a hug from one of my big beaws

As a straight I have always paired Bowser x Peach in my head so bowsette looks a lot like old drawings of "Bowser's girlfriend Peach" art that people have done for ages and I was confused for a bit

So you think they'll let me in if I wear a kigu

My boyfriend, who is a bear, brought home this catalogue and now I suspect that he goes to bear stores where everyone is a bear

My bf famously once texted me while I was at a furry con "how's the luney tunes drug party?"

I should introduce myself

I'm a straight normie wine mom who wandered into what seems to be a sort of sports mascot themed party

I keep thinking everyone here is talking about Monster Hunter spoilers

Please don't curse my timeline with Self Celebrated Male Feminists

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