snouts.. forgive me.. i forgot about mastadon because i'm old and apps scare me

#ImageDescription: two gloved human hands pressing gently on the giant upturned paw of a (presumably drugged) polar bear


PROPOSAL: If cats are cute and their "toebeans" are one of the cutest things about them hence one can correlate that since polar bears actually have the -largest- "beans" of all animals in existence, then polar bears are actually the cutest animal. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

just rememberd bird site bad hello snouts how's it snoutin

Hi snouts i'm sorry I can't quite figure out how mastadon works :<

Are you huge and sleepy? You may be a bear.

He works at your office and he gets all smiley whenever he sees you like you're about to play fetch or something

My role in the fandom is I'm the person who puts tags on ears before reintroducing you into the wild

Hello dog internet I had to wake up early give me sympathy

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