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Belated intro post!

I go by Tori, my sona is a deer

I'm an Alaskan Native, demi/pan, cis, and an artist

:heart_trans: solidarity :heart_ace:

You can expect the occasional doodles drowned out by constant shitposts, and NSFW posts (with appropriate content-warnings, of course)

Whenever I get into new video games I tend to obsess about them and love talking about them

Socialist / BLM / Antifa

Empathy above all

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Family Guy Funny Moments has logged out, goodnight everyone

I grew up with the goddamn Teaching Ms Tingle soundtrack

for some reason

Today has been

all things considered, amazing

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Press button to activate SNOUTS DOT ONLINE

I am officially separated from the company

Oh my god ;; <3

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The only bones I have are the ones I pick with you

How fitting that I drive in on my last day

And the song on the radio is We're Not Gonna Take It

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