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Belated intro post!

I go by Tori, my sona is a deer

I'm an Alaskan Native, demi/pan, cis, and an artist

:heart_trans: solidarity :heart_ace:

You can expect the occasional doodles drowned out by constant shitposts, and NSFW posts (with appropriate content-warnings, of course)

Whenever I get into new video games I tend to obsess about them and love talking about them

Socialist / BLM / Antifa

Empathy above all

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@torideer Snake learns to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving

So, how does it BASTE?

@torideer Snake struggles with his camping stove

Hrrnnnngh, Sterno

Wearing my Heelys in bed because swag never sleeps

Solid Snake, at home, reading an early 90s Garfield compilation:

hrrrrgghhrrrghnrrnn, NERMAL

snake, trying to describe non-identical twins:

hnnnrghh, fraternal

Snake, asking for help testing his spacecraft

Hnnnrrrrgghh, Kerbals,

Snake, getting ready to write in his diary for the evening

Hnngnnrggrghngrgh journal

@torideer Snake, under attack by an exploding popcorn machine

Hnnnghfhhrhfh KERNELS

Snake, unable to get his Linux program to function

Hrrrrnnnngh, KERNEL

Realized how blank his neck area looked compared to every other drawing I’ve done, so added a bit as well as cleaning up/editing a couple spots. All in all pretty happy with the results :yeen2: :heart_pride:

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I let @torideer take my Apple Pencil 2 for a spin and he did me a bedroom-eyed Othello. <3

“Trying to keep up with my friend but he’s dummy quicc.” - @torideer

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