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Belated intro post!

I go by Tori, my sona is a deer

I'm an Alaskan Native, demi/pan, cis, and an artist

:heart_trans: solidarity :heart_ace:

You can expect the occasional doodles drowned out by constant shitposts, and NSFW posts (with appropriate content-warnings, of course)

Whenever I get into new video games I tend to obsess about them and love talking about them

Socialist / BLM / Antifa

Empathy above all

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thinking about guitar hero

I've noticed when I'm really focusing on trying to play a chart, I blep

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@torideer we talkin' mario kart tori's got a red shell and you're shit out of bananas

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Hellbrain: well-known developer of Dark Souls, From Twitter,

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Posts my fursona bc this is the pic that resonates the most with me in a “*points* it me” sense, I never get tired of it (art by fleetwoodbrak on twitter)

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