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Belated intro post!

I go by Tori, my sona is a deer

I'm an Alaskan Native, demi/pan, cis, and an artist

:heart_trans: solidarity :heart_ace:

You can expect the occasional doodles drowned out by constant shitposts, and NSFW posts (with appropriate content-warnings, of course)

Whenever I get into new video games I tend to obsess about them and love talking about them

Socialist / BLM / Antifa

Empathy above all

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affectionate doodle / semi-erotic / non-explicit 

it tori booped
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twitter screenshot about tori 

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@torideer I’m sorry this is really bad but I haven’t slept in almost 34 hours and photoshop keeps trying to make me pay for features

PS I did this on my phone , soz

The only thing I like more than the sense of admiration and wonder I feel for others is the sense of comfort and familiarity that replaces it

I find many strangers beautiful, and meeting them and being able to speak candidly will always be such a magical feeling to me

A little bit of Sans in my life
A little bit of Sans by my side
A little bit of Sans is all I need
A little bit of Sans is what I see
A little bit of Sans in the sun
A little bit of Sans all night long
A little bit of Sans here I am
A little bit of you makes me your Sans

it tori booped
it tori booped


You're a good person.

You deserve good things.

depression mention, music 

[My life is a musical
I know how to put on a pretty pathetic show.]

I fucking love Paramore

and Hey Monday, and Icon For Hire, and

[If I could begin to do
something that does right by you

I would do about anything]


it tori booped
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