@torideer mom was really cool back when she was in a band ;]

@torideer so, tori on guitar, mint on drums, kayde on bass was my first thought when i tried to think who would play what

i think that's pretty spot on

@DanQGoo you absolutely have to hear my drumming someday

@torideer ooooooo well dang, for some reason i thought you were a guitar guy o: i do wanna hear that though...

@DanQGoo I used to do guitar!

but then I got kinda bored of it and I stuck with hitting stuff

@torideer gotcha!! well in that case mint would probably pick up guitar instead haha

mostly i just think bass really fits kayde uwu

@torideer @wottermelon @DanQGoo can we please call this band The Screaming Goats tho

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