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🍒 Sketch Comms - Limited Palette!

💫 35USD, +3USD for cell shading! Not First Come First Serve, reply or DM w/ refs if interested!
• payment upfront through PayPal
• furries preferred, humans OK
• sketchy, limited palette (two-color), portrait size

Also YES Goose wears sunglasses @ nite while he pumps iron on the beach WHAT OF IT

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Equal & opposite energy to that “EEK! A man” Blathers post

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science fiction: in the future, robots will do everything a human can!


Boosting your old art is self care jsyk

physical health (mildly negative) 


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Gone Home is free on the epic games store right now

it's like the original "walking simulator" and remains one of the best

Y'know what? I'm gonna make a thread for cool speedpaints/art tutorials/art videos I've found helpful or interesting 🤔

Feel free to add onto this thread if you want!!


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