HEY! Please share!

I'm Rhynne! I'm moving soon, away from an emotionally taxing family!

But I don't have as much funds as I'd like.
If you want to donate, it'd mean the world to me & help ensure my move goes fine.


Warmup piece for a friend who has a penchant for oversized neckwear

I couldn't figure out how to make this joke funnier but it was also stuck in my brain till I posted it so enjoy

me, to my sleeping anthro sheep friends: wake up sheeple

La Croix and Lacrosse are pronounced exactly the same.

in hindsight google dropping the "dont be evil" motto should have been more of a red flag

Hey everybody! This is brought to you by @AylorSot! He was kind enough to provide us with a new snout to protect our posts. Are they... a booperhero?

welcome to april juuls, the one day a year everyone vapes nonstop all day

Happy Trans Day of Visibility everyone (or at least what tiny bit of it's left!)

Supporting trans artists in need is rad! And I've got a place for that!

New stuff getting posted tomorrow so get up on it :3


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