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- he/him
- 23
- disaster bisexual
- trans/nb
- ADHD and BPD, psych says probable OCD
- white
- pisces-aries cusp sun, aries moon

my fursonas are a leopard gecko and a chihuahua bc i can't decide between the 2.

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i like to use the battery emoji in my description to show my current social energy/activity level.

:battery_full: - active, chatty
:battery_ok: - off and on, generally responsive
:battery_low: - not that active, low energy
:battery_empty: - asleep or at work or smth

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(R, G, B): (0.549, 0.496, 0.910)
Polish type: cream
Percent full: 49.4

Now is a good time to let those shoulders drop.

ok i rly need to sleep. gonna try to catzh some z's. later, folks. :kirby_sleep:

i should file and buff my nails tomorrow. give them some rest from work. :funkylad:

(R, G, B): (0.584, 0.075, 0.187)
Polish type: cream
Percent full: 82.7

cyclops from x-men has reverse object permanence. when he looks at things they stop existing

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