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:sm64_y: :sm64_e: :sm64_e: :sm64_y: :sm64_e: :sm64_e:

- he/him
- 23
- disaster bisexual :heart_bi:
- trans/nb :trans: :heart_nb:
- ADHD and BPD, psych says probable OCD
- white
- ♓ ♈ ☀️, ♈ 🌑, ♏ ⬆️

my fursonas are a leopard gecko and a chihuahua bc i can't decide between the 2.

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anyway, i usually don't make these, but i want a dnf/i on this account:

please dni if:
- you support incest, adult/minor romantic or sexual relationships IN ANY WAY, even fictional
- you're any kind of right-wing shithead
- you think "free speech" means you should be able to use slurs and make racist/sexist/LGBTphobic/ableist/etc. jokes and ppl can't be offended at you

if i see you making racist/sexist/LGBTphobic/ableist statements/jokes i will block you.

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i like to use the battery emoji in my description to show my current social energy/activity level.

:battery_full: - active, chatty
:battery_ok: - off and on, generally responsive
:battery_low: - not that active, low energy
:battery_empty: - asleep or at work or smth

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A bouncer meme. The bouncer refuses billionaires, and allows being a nice person.

"just let people enjoy things" in the context of critical good faith discussion is not only bad criticism but it is actively counter revolutionary

My personal hero is Ahmad el Abed, a Lebanese tailor immortalised in an iconic series of photographs taken between 1948 and 1953 by Hashem el Madani, who described Ahmad as "in-between man and woman". These photos show Ahmad modelling gender-neutral clothing which they designed.

fine arts students are either addicted to nicotine or anarchism, most times its both

Computer, show me pictures of goths at the beach

Hey y'all using the : cannabis_leaf: emoji as your CW instead of the word cannabis defeats the point of a CW
1. That's more difficult to filter out through mutelists since not every instance uses the same :shortcode:
2. You're exposing people to an image of the thing you're CWing for. That's like using a picture of a beer can as your CW for alcohol. Your CW needs a CW now. I know there's a common misconception that nobody could have trauma around cannabis but that's just false. Many do.

i think one tattoo i wanna get is of the poison apple from Snow White.

it looks sick as fuck.

i saw my coworker here

he called in to go to pride

that's fuckin praxis

A sweet summertime Pel by beelzbat on twitter (old but relevant piece)!

in a parallel universe the #resistance is a legit armed insurrectionary movement of wine moms
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