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:sm64_y: :sm64_e: :sm64_e: :sm64_y: :sm64_e: :sm64_e:

- he/him
- 23
- disaster bisexual :heart_bi:
- trans/nb :trans: :heart_nb:
- ADHD and BPD, psych says probable OCD
- white
- ♓ ♈ ☀️, ♈ 🌑, ♏ ⬆️

my fursonas are a leopard gecko and a chihuahua bc i can't decide between the 2.

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anyway, i usually don't make these, but i want a dnf/i on this account:

please dni if:
- you support incest, adult/minor romantic or sexual relationships IN ANY WAY, even fictional
- you're any kind of right-wing shithead
- you think "free speech" means you should be able to use slurs and make racist/sexist/LGBTphobic/ableist/etc. jokes and ppl can't be offended at you

if i see you making racist/sexist/LGBTphobic/ableist statements/jokes i will block you.

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i like to use the battery emoji in my description to show my current social energy/activity level.

:battery_full: - active, chatty
:battery_ok: - off and on, generally responsive
:battery_low: - not that active, low energy
:battery_empty: - asleep or at work or smth

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is it too late to make a new snouts account if i want a different username.

why are we here? just to suffer?
every other week i have to cut my nails.

(R, G, B): (0.281, 0.935, 0.896)
Polish type: metallic
Percent full: 70.6

@robotcarsley @SunSaint ravioli is the plural, actually, raviolo is the singular

world news (the pope) 


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i'm actually rly excited at the prospect of going to a horror convention.

i've never been to any kind of convention that wasn't initially an anime convention that other people just tacked on a bunch of other media to. lmao

i never actually listened to the lyrics of REM's Man on the Moon. We just let them get away with this shit for years

As someone who grew up on Long Island, I know how to destroy the Baldwin family, and I will. In due time

i think my chronic tinnitus has been louder lately. did i like... damage smth? how and when and where. wtf

(R, G, B): (0.792, 0.236, 0.225)
Polish type: metallic
Percent full: 82.6

saying "bi women can talk about their attraction to men everywhere else no one wants to hear about it in queer spaces" effectively excludes bi women from queer spaces. that's biphobic.

god i wish speaking softly didn't knock me out so easily. i tried to watch a Bob Ross video the other night just to see him actually paint and i fell asleep like 8 minutes in. fkfjf

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