walked into my house last night to our TV screen frozen on this

@vee That's the satanistic version of "ON", which describes the state of the TV quite good.

@vee "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel."

@vee me any time someone talks to me during the last hour of my shift at the mall

@vee imagining just a big fuck-off "NO" being burned into a tv screen, visible while watching other shows lol

@funkeh @vee
I don't know what you're complaining about. The Denial Channel is my favorite. I like to keep it on in the background while I compute, for that soothing persistent rejection.

@vos @funkeh keeps you from being /too/ optimistic. can't get too big for your britches.

@vee @funkeh
Well, you can actually get too big for your britches, but then you can't sit down in them. FML

@vee Did it stay on it so long as to burn an afterimage into the screen? Having a ghostly "NO" appear on everything you watch would be kinda freaky...

@KitsuneAlicia nah, it didn't. fkfjf

it was just... paused on that and we don't know why.

@vee honestly as funny as this post is (and its *very* funny), i think i would honestly fucking scream if i walked into my house and this had happened??

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