one of the things i didn’t quite expect with coming out as non-binary is just how outright good i feel about it. i haven’t really come out to anyone except my partner, a couple very close friends, and a few online communities and everyone has been surprisingly supportive! and finally feeling valid leaning into mannerisms i’ve suppressed forever is great. and it’s been interesting discussing with my GNC male partner what is the differences are between us

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“NGINX to Join F5”

refresh me, what does F5 do?

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I really should use mastodon for more than just when I feel like I need to hide things behind cws

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@bonzoesc you'll be happy to know i still have your wall street and it still boots. the hard drive is toast though. i found a pile of floppy disks i want to look at so that's why it's out, i just ordered a CF adapter to replace the drive so it may live again!

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I want to get out of bed and get a book and come back but this is blocking my way and just starts purring louder when I start to move

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I finally decided to get on a mastodon instance as the last questionably productive thing I do in 2018. Hooray?

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