@bonzoesc you'll be happy to know i still have your wall street and it still boots. the hard drive is toast though. i found a pile of floppy disks i want to look at so that's why it's out, i just ordered a CF adapter to replace the drive so it may live again!

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I want to get out of bed and get a book and come back but this is blocking my way and just starts purring louder when I start to move

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did it ever occur to you that Mercutio, one of the most beloved side characters in Shakespeare, is loved for being anti-cop/fash

he's a dashing rogue who makes a point of "biting his thumb" at copdudes like Tybalt, and then flat denys it to T's face while talking about him like he's not there, like "do i legally owe this pig an explanation"

so! as early as Romeo and Juliet, everyone liked the character who was out there like "all cops are bastards"

timeless messages resound through history.

I finally decided to get on a mastodon instance as the last questionably productive thing I do in 2018. Hooray?

snouts dot online

snouts.online is a friendly, furry-oriented, lgbtq+, generally leftist, 18+ sex-positive community that runs on mastodon, the open-source social network technology. you don't need a snout to join, but it's recommended!

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