@wildpaws i like how the tactile bumps are still on the f and j keys

i know it's because it's just a qwerty keyboard that's been shuffled around but i like the idea that it came that way from the store

This picture is true neutral

The chaos and order of it completely cancel eachother out

"Ha ha ha. But seriously, what a bad layout"

@freyja_wildes @wildpaws Well, it’s more or less the efficiency of a qwerty layout. qwerty was conceived to not block the first model of typing machine.

@freyja_wildes @pea @wildpaws Vowels are among the most frequent characters in English. So, they should be on most central keys in order to not have to frequently move your fingers all over the place

@wildpaws a bit concerned for when I want to lend my laptop for a second. I can touch type, so 😅

@wildpaws "ah sick they remade the big keys abc keyboard to be modern"

@wildpaws didn't know there where (non digital) keyboards that used lowercase

@wildpaws (that's "I don't like this" in asciibetical order)

I got mad about the key depth before noticing the hell

@wildpaws it makes me feel bad that there is no image description :D

* n/r/t are on the homerow unlike on QWERTY
* e is accessible enough as well

Not bad actually

Better than a layout designed to write “typewriter” with the top row at least

@budgiebin @wildpaws scrolled down to see if anyone else posted this 😄

@wildpaws With a small amount of training, you would probably still write faster than with the badly designed QWERTY scheme.

@wildpaws Only the caracters are sorted, the symbols are still qwerty-us-random

@wildpaws man I was focusing the whole time on it being all lowercase letters feeling uncomfortable and then like the alphabetical layout hit me hard like a brick

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