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Also, a reminder that this is a NSFW account. If you are under 18, please do not follow me.

when someone shows you who they really are

believe them

looking to sell my razor scooter peripheral for the somy planstation 6

asking price is $46,000

serious offers only. please, this is a very emotional time for me

*puts on a sticker that says official Nintendo seal of approval*

*it falls off immediately*

at least the office is quiet this afternoon

anyone want my fries? they're cold by now though

turns out it really is much harder to eat when your eyes are full of tears

gonna have to get used to mornings like this i guess

just submitted a quote form for a fursuit, wish me luck!

recalling what it was like to pick my fursona's eye color and just being like, "blue eyes because my eyes are blue and blue eyes are banging"

I am an adult

goat party 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

do not be fooled by my new appearance

i am still goat

I just got back from mcdonald's y'all need anything?

New Unraveled episode, lewd text 


this was also inspired by me looking through my co-worker's code to fix stuff and HE ALTERNATES INDENTS IN THE SAME FILE


look, I try not to judge people for the small stuff, but...

if you use the equivalent of two spaces instead of four to indent your code, I just... no.

this has been my programming hot take

very minor gross thing possibly 

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