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Also, a reminder that this is a NSFW account. If you are under 18, please do not follow me.

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I subtoot purely as a means to flirt with my friends indirectly when I'm too flustered to do it to their faces

so, to said friends: hey~

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It has come to my attention from a sweetheart that Ubisoft is giving away AC Unity because of the fire at Notre Dame.

Also, did not play it though I'm sure their reconstruction of it is beautiful

casual reminder that 2/3 (3/4 if you include their "manager") of studio killers is anthro

this is them, with DJ Dyna Mink and Goldie Foxx in the back seat

god the studio killers new look is fantastic and I'm TOTALLY here for it

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watched an ott do this for like 5 minutes yesterday at the zoo

changed my avatar because I'm so happy that plush wotter is a thing~ 🧑🧑🧑🧑

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saw @masanbol chilling at the zoo and doing laps

(I also took video but it's too big for the site, so I'll compress it and post it later)

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