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running late as I search my spice cabinet for the only missing ingredient in the dish I'm bringing to the potluck


remember that old 90s movie quote

"ET Home Alone"

pokemon fortnite battle royale where the premium currency is saws bucks

bad joke 

getting thrown out of a target for kicking the self check-out register for not giving me change in bitcoin

I'mma be real with you 57th Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, but your far-right politics and reliance on xenophobia and racism won't improve Japan's declining birthrate.

daisy dukes have visible pockets so that strangers can warn you when your caprisun is getting low

i scoff at hemingway and his six-toed cats

for i have surpassed him and invented

the seven-toed dog

i do donuts in the denny's parking lot until the screech marks spell out "i'm gay"

no one calls the cops and they don't arrive because this is a utopian dream society where bastard cops don't exist


ok post update!

I'm Kayde! I also go by my other sonas' names Dan, Nyl, Max, Tack, or Pico (yes i have too many sonas)

I'm panromantic, gray-ace, non-binary, and incredibly loud about it :heart_pan:​:heart_ace:​:heart_nb:

I post a lot about my fursonas, pooltoys, games, horny shit, and the occasional leftist politics; check the art gallery link in my profile if you wanna see any of my sonas

basically, I'm gay

so does @otteruw8ing4 just have an alert set up for the phrase "fuit gummy"??

Important Research Poll: Participants Welcome.

Q: Would you smooch a goat?

gonna go out on a limb here and say


is cute


micro, horny 

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