i don't think my fursona would have piercings but what about, accessories



wait do people actually pronounce cmyk as smike

i only have one fursona in order to minimize my risk of identity theft

Is it a mistake to have just one fursona? No! A one-fursona lifestyle carries some benefits. But as with just about everything that has an upside, there are some potential downsides, too.

Some people are hardcore fursona optimizers: They carry a gallery packed with refsheets and pull out a different species for every situation. Others put a premium on simplicity: They find one fursona that works just fine for them in most situations, and that's all they need.

i did it. ebay gave me a $5 coupon making it very cheap lol. the key didn't activate immediately but telephone activation worked. if i get to use this for even a little while before ms shuts me down then it'll be worth it haha

i was looking at a listing a few minutes ago and then it 404'd

should i buy a sketchy ms office key off ebay lol

failed to convince muri to get a balloon animal of her sona

heartbreaking: the worst person you know just got a great fursuit

fluffy fursuit dreaming
on such a winter's day

yatchi :yeen: boosted

now kickstartering a furry art ych for 30-50 feral hogs

that many characters in a piece ain’t gonna be cheap after all

where is all the feral hog art. send it to me

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