the only description i'm working from is "zootopia but Fucked Up" and i gotta say that doesn't sound particularly appealing to me

is beastars actually good and would i actually like it. a couple years ago i tried reading a few pages of the manga in japanese and i didn't understand anything lol

for many furries, a fursona can be an aspirational fantasy. for example, my hyena represents my desire for an indestructible digestive system

"two plus two equals fur" - me when i was predicting this

i predicted that if we walked into jade's work with her wearing a (not completely obvious) furry hat and me wearing a (not completely obvious) furry shirt her coworkers would put two and two together and that's exactly what happened

gonna need to repost that when people are awake uwu

it would be nice to be out to more people i guess

someone: *mentions chakats*
me: *thinks about chakats*

installing anki on my phone for probably the seventh time in my life

i typed "weekend" but my ime turned it into "eekend"... spooky

my gf might be turning into a fox... not really sure how to process this tbh

murderer cop 

wearing a tail is fun but you have to wear pants and a belt which is a little less fun?

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