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~intro post~

HELLO I am Zac.

25 year old gay nb in New Jersey. I usually use he/him pronouns but I am fine with any.

I love @micolithe and he's the best. We are gay together.

I'm a shitpost connoisseur. I am EXTREMELY online, and my posts are usually about shitposts, vidya games, food, or music. hey gamers

Punk trash. I get heated about American politics a lot, but I try to keep it off of this site.

FadeToZac on PSN. chxmicalwarfare on bad birdsite.
Discord & Steam available on request.

I nearly crashed the car in my rush to take this

reblogging porny horny art on your nsfw account while hanging out on your boyfriend's parents' couch is a real power move imo

The Loneliness of the Long Bepis Runner (1962)

they should call it something like Pokemon Sit

they should do a version of pokemon go where you dont have to walk around. just control your lil character on the screen walking around collecting pokemon. itd be cool

Happy daddy day to any dad's here on masto. This is absolutely not a trick to see who I can call daddy on here.

What if we put A sandwich on top of Mario's body! Show more

hey uh does someone want to explain why the cat sits right next to me on the couch to the point that shes tickling me with her tail but then tries to murder me if i touch her

i have just heard from a VERY reliable anonymous source that @micolithe's boyfriend loves him... huge if true

if the opposite of masc is fem and male is female, does that mean the opposite of majora is fedora

breath of the wild 2: majora's other mask

i'm a jojo now hAHHAAHAHA

thank you @ShugoWah and @micolithe you are both VERY good <3

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