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I’m Zac! You might also know me as Teezy or TZ.

I am online Too Much; I am going to flood your timeline.

I’m gay, 25, in New Jersey. Non-binary. Any pronouns are cool; I usually use he/him.

@micolithe is very good, I love him.

I play guitar & lack the self-confidence to actually pursue something with it.

My posts are going to mostly be one of the following: Music. Video games. Stream of consciousness. Mushy lovey bullshit. Venting about work or my coming-out process.

sometimds when i lay on my side on the couch with the laptop, my hand goes numb. it's fine it's very good actually

i am not looking forward to how early i gotta get up on tuesday for work

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I just remembered I get a raise in June because of target trying to hit a $15 minimum by 2020, haha sick. That helps me worry a little less

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But goddammit it feels like forever since we've been together
Till we'll be together again

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dropping in to casually remind yall of al roker's sweet potato poon

jesus was the first gamer -

hated microtransations (threw the moneychangers out of the temple)

persecuted for his hobby (his hobby was healing the sick and supporting the poor)

respawne- fuck i can't finish this post

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