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mbmbam live was a hoot. if you like mcelroy content, i highly recommend going to one of those when/if they come near you

Mobster. Autocorrect has ruined my bit

If mbmbam is in New York does that mean this is actually Become the Monster? I'm posting here

thinks about shirota from aggrestuko s2

howdy yall i just watched Hereditary after meaning to watch that since it came out and Woah Holy Shit

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the steamlink just decided to download and install an update whiel i was playing borderlands on the ps4, and it has taken over the tv. what the fuck

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saying "kill two birds with one stone"
-encourages animal cruelty
-dead birds

saying "feed two birds with one scone"
-socially conscious
-forward-thinking and encouraging of life
-hap birb

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hey mastodon watch my youtube channel ok bye!!!!

going to mbmbam live in New York with @micolithe tomorrow ahhhhh



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