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And I'm floating in a most purrculiar way...and the stars look very different today

Horny, weight gain kink 

state job hunt/quest/adventure, ++ 

state job hunt/quest/adventure, ++ 

i woke up to a voice mail from fuckin shop-rite's 800 number because of a chicken patty recall from the brand we usually buy. welp

i... actually really appreciate this, an actual good reason for membership cards to exist. looks like ours was not effected but. Yeah Lol

ok i dont really know king gizzard & the lizard wizard very well - i only know some stuff from fishing for fishies, and what the fuck they dropped a thrash album

Gross, toilet stuff 

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Work, +? 

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the other day at work, my team leader described me as a bear multiple times, confirming that i am, in fact, bear

me: hm, i need an eye exam but first i need vision insurance lol lets hold out until i get a new job

my mom, 20 minutes ago: btw youre still on my vision and dental insurance plans, should i keep you on them?

borderlands 3, queer representation 

oh today is three weeks since my state job interview and still nothin (:

Mr. Bungle is reuniting for three shows with Anthrax's Scott Ian and Slayer/Dead Cross' Dave Lombardo and I am FREAKING OUT

Three shows, one of which is in NYC. I wanna go REALLY bad but also the tickets are going on sale six months in advance at a time when I can't afford it, and the NYC show is a Monday night. why have you done this to me, Mike Patton

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