this makes me really wanna travel for cons in the states ;w; I gotta start making more friends who are there so I actually know folk when I come to visit xox

I really wish we could do these cons more. And really sad this one isn’t even on a long weekend,, like there’s really only one decent day to meet and hang with everyone. Think there’ll be two a year for those who can travel but I just wanna do this and be round people all the time,, I love it here so much

it’s very kiwi to just throw animal people and booze into nature I kinda love it

the thing about nz cons is it’s just a fuckn camp with lots of furries and 100 hazards for drunk fursuiters

southern paws furcon tomorrow and I am not packed at all

I would welcome this return to the musclegut tier if it weren’t for the fact IM TRYNA B GIRL hhh

my bod is so weird atm like I’m trying really hard to lose weight but uh the muscles are def coming in b4 the weight loss so I have these weird ass prominent v-lines but still a big ole’ tum

irl self 

apologies to @jdlwerewolf in advance for how unsexy and awkward any of this sounds described as text

hello how do you convey your horrible horrible dirty commission specifics to an artist you admire without cringing in on yourself until u are just a black hole

i really wanna uhh post more updates and stuff but honestly im just in a really weird era of life right now and 6 sevenths of it is just work or being tired from work aaa

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