MAIL TIME FROM @Ace !!!!!!!!!!! you wonderful animal person you !!!! thank you for all the lovely words and the stickers 😍🥰💕 aaaa I really appreciate them

well only took me from page 7 till the end of release of @jdlwerewolf ‘s recent comic to realise that I hadn’t been on the Patreon tier I thought I was and now it’s like the whole comic released/appeared all at once,, and it’s too much softness and 5 stars to process

hey guys long time no yell into the void

imma redo that cause of the 1px whitespace

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inb4 the job interview tomorrow is an April fools joke

the place I’ve considered home for the last 22 years is being sold,, it’s,, a weird one,, feels not good

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Some emojis I made for my partner, @zepp

Thinking of selling telegram stickers for $10 each, with every 5th sticker being $5 ^^

Commission Info;

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i never thought could be more sick of hearing about pewdiepie than i was on a regular daily basis, but my god was i wrong

im safe at home and my family members are in lockdown at their work,, my poor town,, i cant believe this happened here,,, i can’t believe threats were made and nothing was done,,,

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