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i never thought could be more sick of hearing about pewdiepie than i was on a regular daily basis, but my god was i wrong

im safe at home and my family members are in lockdown at their work,, my poor town,, i cant believe this happened here,,, i can’t believe threats were made and nothing was done,,,

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hangin with a spiritual counterpart and a personal favorite

art by @FOLIELOADED on twitter

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hangin with a spiritual counterpart and a personal favorite

art by @FOLIELOADED on twitter

LinkedIn was a mistake I can see where all the other students in my year have got to and they’re all employed,,, a lot in high end companies

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My wife @zepp wearing it before I finished stitching up the shoulder

This is my first ever fursuit (partial) and first ever experience with any kind of suit making. Trial and error, but very proud of the result!

please hire me i am jittery software developer who cant get hired cause their timidness comes across as unsureness about my ability (´;w;`)

i am given life from people liking my fursona

pick me up with a spoon
tie me to a balloon

[nsfw furry warning]

You sure buddy? I’m kinda sweaty.. 💕

Art by glopossum

bah fuc I missed an e in their username, its shariea , believe in the watermark

didnt there used to be a re-crop button,, wish i could center the preview on the face its so nice ;-;

Oh hey, didn’t see you there

Art ©️ sharia on FA
a valentines present from @hotdogebuns 💕

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