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May as well kick the pics off with a ref of my sona/me ! This was done by the amazing @jdlwerewolf , definitely my most favorite commission to date 💕

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we've all seen the fox mccloud and wolf smash balls edits so my question is,, where the hell are isabelles balls at huh

Trying to describe a Particular Feeling to wife n this is what happen

image hidden for gore

social media been melting my brain these last few days really bad,, Show more

i think my ass is permanently misshapen from exercycle seats

googles “how to cope when a friend writes a thread that starts with ‘I don’t really understand why being a terf is considered so bad’”

get a job in it/programming they said,, plenty of jobs they said

bluhhh im never going to get a job in japannn (yet alone my own city)

a new record, i started playing a new game (dead by daylight) and got pretty into it, and in a matter of like two days the community has put me off playing anymore lmao

me: can I have dopamine
brain: you have to work on something,, all the time
me, working all the time: can I have dopamine
brain: na

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pretending im not the only person who went to see it

UHHH can someone else verify that the ending of wreck it ralph 2 was super unnecessarily sad what the fucc

tag urself im that one sugar glider that wanted to drive into the grand canyon

sometimes a facebook sticker just encapsulates everything you need from a sticker

jokes on y’all, the government is just assigning Big Chungus to be everyone’s assigned fursona

sev-en days, sev-en daysss
2019 startin strong

if i hide my fursona from the government to get an assigned one too, will i get in trouble for fursona fraud?

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