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furry smut, werewolves + wild dogs 

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May as well kick the pics off with a ref of my sona/me ! This was done by the amazing @jdlwerewolf , definitely my most favorite commission to date 💕

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[nsfw furry warning]

You sure buddy? I’m kinda sweaty.. 💕

Art by glopossum

rude clothes 

senior devs weeping during heated discussions about it and how they managed to get here with such little understanding of what the fuck a rebase does. I have heard at least two “no , fuck you no”s

fun office things such as making sure no one ever has the right idea about what a rebase truly does. make up something new every time

creeped out spoilers 

rude people 

rude people 

sad goings ons 

googles how to matter and be genuinely interesting to people on the internet

oh say does that star spingled bingus yet wave

I want it to be clear that the last post is a joke

horny on main 

I forgot that giving my girlfriend the crash course in otaku bait flavour of the month anime from the late 2000s would mean hitting the endless eight again

post SU movie vague talk 

as expected I am experiencing far too many emotions than I can find places for. please send help

post SU movie vague talk 

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