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following left-wing thinkers means I can recognize zizek but I have no idea what he is nor what he believes

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I know hbomb has said this before, but loss is probably the best known comic page ever, among every comic in existence

*types out replies to strangers on this server, shown to me because it's what mastodon encourages*
I'd look weird replying to someone without knowing them...

if someone had the worst luck possible, no one would know but them, because it would be bad luck for them to be unable to prove it

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3... 2... 1... 🔔FIGHT🔔

Bed gravity 🥊 🥊 Hunger

throwback to when I accidentally linked my mastodon to my AD twitter so I had a nude up, uncensored, for like 12 hours

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I read the timeline here sometimes but I'ma just start snooting math

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