I used to write lots but my inability to focus on reading long texts made me feel awkward asking others to read mine so I stopped. I have read hundreds of books, maybe thousands, but that was when I could focus on things better. Now I can barely make it through a comic. Which is why I started reading comics again. Barely is still doing! Getting 100 pages into a book and spacing on it for months isn't quite doing.

@Flipp this is so relatable! not just reading tho but lots of things. I need to get better at doing little things with taking in interesting stuff again. also I think it's important to let go of those feelings like you would have to be willing to experience your own creations too, like I think being more focused on creating than consuming is totally valid and doesnt mean that your stuff isnt worthwhile!! I try to tell myself that cause any block that makes it hard to create isnt worth it

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