It has arrived~ this is the packaging for the PC release of Legacy of the Ancients. I got the code wheel and everything. Hopefully the media is still good. It'd be over 30 years old by now.

Maybe I can use this opportunity to practice breaking more copy protections on old PC games. This game's only got a code wheel check.

@Saxxon It has a second one too.. it tries to write to the disk on launch. If it succeeds it ruins the media but the original is write protected so it fails. You probably know this but yea, that's a weird one.

@Flipp The C64 version does. But this is the PC release :) It doesn't appear there's anything particularly tricky about this version.


@Saxxon ooo I thought it was the PC one. I missed this game due to having an Atari 800XL back then :)

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