⭐️ Wanna support me making a game and get a sweet icon in the process? People who pledge $5 US or more on Patreon will get one of these icons! Read more about the game here:

⭐️Alternatively, you can commission one for $30 USD

:birdsite: Or you can participate in my birdsite art giveaway until the 17th twitter.com/FxSql/status/11110

Thanks <3

Did I ever tell you guys that the icons are 1500x1500 PNG?

$30 US or a $5 US pledge it's like a steal so please steal from me!!!!!

An "icon" should be, at maximum, 64x64 (but ideally 32x32)!

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@DHeadshot @roxy On most HiDPI desktop environments, they're up to 512x512, or in vector formats that simply scale to any arbitrary resolution. I'm just assuming that the 1500x1500 is the original work size, and you're getting that unscaled.

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