My favorite bit of aesthetic flourish in the RoR series is how genuinely unsettling the difficulty monikers are


@gnarlyanimal Actually the game doesn't stop scaling after reaching it, that's just when it stops tracking what it's called

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@ShugoWah @gnarlyanimal I have a friend who's been playing RoR 2, and I hear from him that there's a "minor" annoyance: Flaming enemies will instakill you on contact, regardless of your HP level.

@kode54 @ShugoWah @gnarlyanimal Yep, and the devs are aware that it's not fun to be insta-deleted by something under those circumstances, such that the "blazing" modifier will be significantly nerfed in the next patch.

I wish they'd more generally give you a sort of "anti-snipe" grace, in that if you're above a certain percentage of your HP, you cannot die in a single hit. That'd avoid some of the cheap shots as the difficulty scales past 100+ minutes

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