people buying Nintendo Switch games that are ports from other systems, and then playing them on their TVs instead of in handheld mode: man this looks like crap

"Oh but it looks good on the little screen" well no shit sherlock

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@roxy Also worth pointing out that it's a 720p screen, but it outputs 1080p over HDMI, so it's probably also upscaling the rendered picture for the TV, too.

@kode54 the Switch outputs native 1080p images (not all games do it of course, but it's capable)

@roxy I figured it was capable, but would probably be a lot like lots of other consoles, where they render at a lower resolution for better performance. Which is sort of fine on a high DPI LCD screen, but doesn't look so hot on a giant TV.

@kode54 yea, like breath of the wild it renders at 900p on a TV, I think Mario Odyssey does 1080p most of the time. Digital Foundry has tons of videos on the subject

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